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Strategic Assessment & Benchmarking

Strategic Assessment & Benchmarking

A growth strategy involves more than just envisioning your long-term success.  A tangible, deliberate plan is essential for creating and sustaining growth.   We can help you to articulate clearly defined goals and then align your strategic outlook with your operational and financial decisions. Together we can identify and leverage your unique strengths to support your strategic focus.

Your performance data should lend itself to all your strategic decisions.  We work with you to identify key indicators and develop analytical metrics to understand the impact of strategic decisions before they are made.  Together we create a unique organizational tool set that allows you to fluidly assess and refine your strategy as you grow. 

Primary Services

  • Identify key performance drivers 

  • Establish procedures to align strategy with operations

  • Develop metrics to assess strategic progress

  • Facilitate communication between management & board

Have you identified all of your stakeholders, both internal and external?

Is the data you have available appropriate to support your strategy?

Are you developing a diverse collection of resources and perspectives to identify new opportunities and risks?  

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